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Restore Fairness

“Restore Fairness” produced by Breakthrough in association with 26 leading organizations, calls for the U.S. government to bring back due process and fairness to the immigration system. The video features the powerful voices of Congresswomen Zoe Lofgren and Lucille Roybal-Allard, Judges Dana Marks and Bruce Einhorn, and civil society leaders Anthony Romero, Donald Kerwin, Karen Narasaki and Mallika Dutt. It also gives a human face to harsh immigration laws through three very compelling personal stories – Jean Pierre Kamwa, an asylum seeker who faced mandatory detention, June Everett who lost her sister to immigration detention, and Walter Chavez and Ana Galindo, legal permanent residents who were victims of a warrantless home raid. Watch this video and take action to ensure that the U.S. government restores fair immigration and racial justice.

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8 Responses to “Restore Fairness”

    Hector Amaya says:

    now I saw the video (it ended up playing after a couple of tries). This is a powerful testament to the need for immigration reform. Thanks for doing this.

    Hector Amaya

    [...] watch and share our documentary of the same name, “Restore Fairness”, produced in partnership with 26 leading organizations, featuring interviews with Members of [...]

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    [...] are very excited about our new Restore Fairness campaign and documentary. And we want you to join in and start telling the government that it’s time for due process [...]

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    [...] Also, on Advocacy Day at the conference, she’ll be handing out our new documentary  Restore Fairness, made with 26 partners and has interviews with Members of Congress, judges and personal stories of [...]

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    [...] in point: Restore Fairness, a campaign spearheaded by Breakthrough, a human-rights organization which is, according to its [...]

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    [...] also partnered with the AAJC along with 25 other leading organizations to produce Restore Fairness, our powerful new documentary with interviews from Members of Congress, judges and personal [...]

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    [...] our video, Restore Fairness, Jean-Pierre Kamwa, an asylum seeker from Cameroon, provides a powerful testimony on the [...]

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